Billet-Style Rectangular Mirror
Chrome. Uses clamps DS-302020 (not included).
34-0758$52.00 pair
Rectangular Mirror
Chrome. Round threaded stem. Uses clamps DS-302020 (not included)
20-21708$15.00 each
Round Sport Mirror
Chrome. 3 1/2" smooth round (clamps not included).
34-0363$75.00 pair
Original Cushman Style Round Mirror
Chrome. For either right or left hand use. Includes mounting clamps for 3/4", 7/8", or 1" handlebars.
10" Stem
20-06810$12.00 each
8" Stem
20-06808$12.00 each
Custom Oval Mirror
Chrome. Includes mounting clamps for 7/8" handlebars.
813606-C$57.95 pair
Cat-Eye Grooved Oval
Chrome. Right or left hand use (clamps not included).
DS-302060$50.00 each
Mirror Clamps
For 7/8" handlebars. Use with threaded stem mirrors.
B-2$6.00 pair
Two-Piece Mirror Clamp
Right or left hand use. For 1" handlebars.
DS-302020$12.00 each
Mirror Clamp Reducers
For use with DS-302020 mirror clamp on 7/8" handlebars
Mirror Clamp
For 7/8" handlebars
Chrome60-0406$14.00 each
Black60-0404$10.00 each