Torque Converter Kit - 1958 & Newer

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For use with factory cast iron 5 or 8 HP Cushman motors only.

This fits cast iron Cushman Eagle Models from 1958 and up.

This gives you a fully automatic infinite shift transmission. So if the motor begins to pull down, the rear driven pulley will open up and down shift until you can maintain your RPM. With our jackshaft system, we bring power to the rear wheel on the same side that it originally was, without having to alter the sides. The gear range is 3-1 to 1.1. This gives you the full package to convert to an automatic transmission while maintaining your classic Cushman look.

Kit Contains:

  • 44 driver unit
  • 40 driven shiv
  • Belt
  • Jack shaft assembly
  • Sprocket
  • Belt cover 
  • Belt cover brackets
  • Chain guard